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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whatsapp Shayari

Mat Puch Sabar Ki Inteha Kahan Tak Hai,
Tu Sitam Kar Le Teri Taqat Jahan Tak Hai, 
Wafa Ki Umeed Kisi Aur Ko Hogi,
Humein To Dekhna Hai Tu Bewafa Kahan Tak Hai.


khushbuon ka to sirf ehsaas hota hai,
Dil to Dil ke pass hota hai,
har baat ko juban se kehna mumkin nahi,
sache pyaar ki pehchaan to bas vishwaas hota hai.


Apki Saadgi ki koi Inteha Nhi Hai
Yahi to Mere Pyr krne k waja Rahi Hai
Mana ki Apme Alag kuch B Nhi Hai
Pr Jo apme He Wo kisi Or Me Nhi Hai.

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